Irakli Gamrekeli

Painter, graphic artist, stage and costume designer.
Merited Artist of Georgia Soviet Republic 1934
Honors Order decorated 1936

1894 Gory - 1943 Tbilisi. Studied medicine in Rostov on Don, then at the Tbilisi university (1918). Artistic studies began in Tbilisi Art School. He continued his education in Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. 1918 began work as an artist in on of the Tbilisi clubs. 1916-1926 created his first easel painting and graphic works. 1922 the series "Salomea" was presented on the Tbilisi exhibition. 1923 onwards worked as a leading stage designer of the Rustavely State Theatre, Tbilisi. 1924 member of editorial border and illustrator of "H2SO4" futuristical magazine. 1926-1929 member of organization "Duruji". 1929-designed the costumes and sets of the film "My Grandmother" (director Kote Mikaberidze). 1933 Worked for theatres in Moscow, Leningrad, Baku and Kiev.